Card Keeper Kit

No matter if you are curious how our greeting card keeper kits work, or you've already purchased the kit and are about to put it into action, read on and see how you can use this kit to transform greeting cards into a forever book! 

Step 1: Put the card keeper front cover on top of the greeting card you'd like to bind together

Step 2: Use a pencil to draw a circle on the card

Step 3: Use the hole punch to punch through the circle that you drew on the card.

Pro Tip: Flip the hole punch to align the hole on the puncher with the circle that you drew on the card.

Step 4: Put the suede string through the hole on the greeting card that you just punched, in order to bind the card with the rest of the card book.

Step 5: Push through the suede string to the front cover. 

Step 6: Tie a knot on secure the card book.

Now you can flip through the greeting cards like a book!

If you have any questions on the instructions, or want to ask for tips and tricks, let us know!
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